Data Broker Information
Data Broker Information
Data Broker Name: Registration ID: 367080  
Status: EXPIRED Business Type: Data Broker  
Created Date: 1/14/2020 Next Renewal Period Begins: 1/1/2022  
Termination Date: 2/1/2022 Address: 3 Times Square, USA, New York, NY, NY - 1036, USA  
Primary Internet Address (URL)
Email Address: Primary Internet Address:
Data Broker Opt Out Details
3. Does the data broker permit a consumer to opt out of the data broker’s collection of brokered personal information, opt out of
its databases or opt out of certain sales of data? :
    Yes          No
Data Broker Information
4. Statement specifying the data collection, databases or sales activities from which a consumer may not opt out:
5. Statement regarding whether the data broker implements a purchaser credentialing process:
6. The number of security breaches that the data broker experienced during the prior year:
  a. Total number of consumers affected by the breaches:
7. Does the data broker have actual knowledge that it possesses the brokered personal information of minors:
    Yes          No
If so, provide a statement detailing the data collection practices, databases, sales activities, and opt-out policies that are applicable to the brokered personal information of minors:
8. Any additional information or explanation the data broker chooses to provide concerning its data collection practices:
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